As many of us know, Tenerife has become one of the top holiday destinations in Europe, and it continues to grow with more visitors every year. There are a lot of fun and interesting facts about Tenerife, and if you are planning to visit us, here are 13 facts to get you started.

1. The flag of Tenerife is the same as that of Scotland.

2. 5 million tourists visit Tenerife every year.

3. Although it is part of Europe and uses the euro as its currency, it is not part of the EU.

4. Tourism drives Tenerife’s local economy and represents 60% of its GDP.

5. One of the six people in Tenerife is involved in the tourism / hotel industry

6. Tenerife has the third largest volcanic island in the world: Teide.

7. 43% of the population of the Canary Islands lives in Tenerife.

8. Approximately 5 times more people visit Tenerife each year than people living there.

9. The small bumper stickers with ‘SP’ found on many vehicles do not represent Spain, but rather ‘Public Service’.

10. Tenerife offers more five-star properties than Madrid or Barcelona.

11. Tenerife’s Thai-themed water park, Siam Park, offers the highest water slide in the world.

12. Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands

13. Tenerife has 300 sunny days a year

There are many more fun facts about the place and holidays in Tenerife are something that is highly recommended: it is an ideal holiday destination for both young couples (or singles) looking for a hectic nightlife and families who need lots of activities and attractions to enjoy. carry. your kids to – and since it’s a top vacation destination, flights are cheap!

Flights from the UK to Tenerife only last 4-5 hours and your entire vacation can be planned on a tight budget, making it an ideal location for a quick vacation getaway.

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