Greek cuisine is undoubtedly one of the most sought after flavors in the world. Mediterranean-based, the dishes from Greece, Cyprus, and the islands have really attracted many foreign visitors and tourists to try them for themselves, which generally leads to great palate and stomach satisfaction. Once you have tried some of the tasty dishes, you will surely have to read a cookbook and find out how you can prepare them yourself when you return home. Many recipes can be found, although one has to wonder: “What is it about Greek food that makes it so exceptional?” There are some specific qualities that you will need to look at if you really want to determine what makes people go crazy for Greek dishes.

1. The basic ingredients of Greek dishes are usually nutritious. You will find many vegetables added to the mix, with fish, legumes, and grains as other main ingredients in traditional recipes.

2. Your food has a lot more flavor, simply because the locals use a lot of herbs and spices, including dill, garlic, oregano, onion, bay leaves, and mint. some other options consist of thyme, basil, and persillade, which is also used to garnish other dishes.

3. The recipes are pretty easy to make. Indeed, many people seeking a well-balanced diet tend to turn to Mediterranean cuisine, simply because it is beneficial and delicious at the same time.

4. You will not see any meat added to the dishes. The truth is that lamb is the basic meat of most Greek dishes. This is because the terrain and climate have made sheep and goat farming more abundant than cattle.

5. Greek dishes generally come with some mezedes, which are translated as appetizers. Each region has its specialty, which makes it quite a diverse group that you won’t get tired of easily. Many of these appetizers, known as “tapas” in Spain or “antipasto” in Italy, are packed with flavor and are the perfect balance between tradition, health and delicacy.

These are five characteristics of Greek cuisine that distinguish it from anything you’ve ever tried. So if your goal is to take a trip to Greece, you are sure to come across a good bite of tasty goodies.

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