You can have a flat stomach in just 6 weeks. Not really. It may have taken you, like me, about 10 years to accumulate enough fat around your waist to be asked to play Santa every December at the office Christmas party, but what’s wrong with expect to move all that fat and more in just 6? weeks?

If you want a flat tummy in just 6 weeks, your best option for instant results is to reserve yourself for surgery and have liposuction within an inch of your life. Honestly, nothing else you try will guarantee it in just 6 weeks.

The downside to surgery is, of course, that it doesn’t require you to change your eating habits or (lack of) exercise regimen, so in a few months and years, you’ll once again be on your way to a plump red suit. not so merry christmas.

Hear. If you want to lose the fat that is in the upper part of your stomach, you will have to make a real effort to change your diet and exercise so that your body has a chance to do everything it can for you. It is a cruel fact that stomach fat appears to be the last fat to be displaced from your body and, perversely, it is the fat that we tend to stress the most about.

Losing stomach fat is easy. It won’t happen in 6 weeks, but if you follow my advice, it will. You need patience and determination and, like me, you will lose stomach fat. Forever. If you really want to.

Start to walk. Walk every day. 45 minutes to an hour is optimal. Instead of walking for 10 minutes today and 15 minutes next week and increasing your time commitment, you should start as you want to continue and try to set aside 45-60 minutes to walk as far and as fast as is comfortable for you now. Over time, your speed and distance traveled will add up, but your time commitment will remain unchanged.

After about 6 weeks, everything will wobble less and the aches and pains from rusty joints and rickety muscles (yes, your muscles!) Will subside until you barely notice the discomfort (a pessimist would call this “pain”).

After about 3 months, you and others will notice its changing shape. This feels very, very good, both physically and mentally. You will await your walk and plan your daily diet with some enthusiasm and few lapses. Some deep pain will persist after 3 months.

After 6 months, you will have developed an excellent fitness habit and your body will positively crave the good food needed to fuel your regular exercise. At this point, you will notice that your stomach is MUCH flatter than it used to be. It may not be completely deflated and not as concave as a new moon, but the change in size and shape should give you the boost you need to take the next step.

The next step is to get some resistance training under your belt (where your unsuspecting abs have lurked undisturbed for a considerable time). Sit-ups, sit-ups, and yoga moves target your abs. You just need to choose exercises that you can do correctly (with good form, as they say in fitness magazines) and without putting stress on other muscles or parts of the body (especially your neck).

And so, dear reader, is how you are going to get a flat stomach. Much effort and commitment and surprise, surprise, no quick fix. But neither did he cheat his hard-earned money.

I know, it’s not what you wanted to hear. But it is the truth of the matter and it will work. Not only will it flatten your stomach, but it will keep the weight off. And isn’t that what you really want, no matter how long it takes? What is a few months if you know you are going to get results?

Sweat a lot and prosper!

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