Baguio Central University is a premier educational institution in Baguio City offering high-quality bachelor’s degrees, associate courses, and postgraduate degrees. This tertiary school has different campuses within the city, however its main campus is located along Magsaysay Avenue, which is one of the most accessible areas of the place. For those who are new to this school, they can easily find its main campus because several jeepneys have routes that generally go through the avenue. Furthermore, this place is also several minutes away from famous shopping areas like SM Baguio and attractions like Burnham Park.

This attractive tertiary school in Baguio City has nine university divisions, including the Faculty of Criminology, the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Public Administration, as well as the Faculty of Physical Therapy. Students who want to excel in the field of information technology, Baguio Central University can surely help them as it offers degree courses including Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. In addition, students can also enroll in any of their bachelor’s degrees in the fields of administration, startup, and management such as Bachelor of Science in Public Administration, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, as well as Bachelor of Science in Commerce. In addition, to people who want to enroll in associate courses, this educational institution offers Associate in Information Technology as well as Associate in Hotel and Restaurant Management.

The Central University of Baguio was established by Godofredo Fernández in 1945. It was first named as Centro Academia and during this time, it is only considered a vocational school. With the need to improve the quality of education in the area, this tertiary school in Baguio City introduced university degrees such as Bachelor of Law and Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Secondary and Primary Education in the early 1950s. Of new degree programs at this educational institution continued until in 2002, this school offered the Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

For students who want to enroll in any of the degrees and academic programs of the Central University of Baguio, they must allocate between 10,000 and 15,000 pesos for tuition and miscellaneous expenses. However, students with financial difficulties have nothing to worry about because it provides them with scholarships and financial aid programs. For inquiries about the other degree programs at this college in Baguio City, students can contact the faculty members of this institution at (047) -444-9247 and (047) -442-4949. To take a look at the facilities of this school, it is best if students visit its campuses along Magsaysay Avenue.

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