Your home will be comfortable, functional, and healthy only when you don’t compromise on some basic but important features. The floor is one of those features that should not be overlooked, as we will have more physical contact with the ground as opposed to ceilings or walls.

To ensure you select the right flooring, you should focus on practicality rather than beauty. Choosing a fancy floor may look good at first, but it may not last long. Since the floor is subjected to rough and rigorous use, it must be checked for durability, stain resistance, maintenance, comfort and safety.

Various flooring options:
Confused by the wide range of flooring options available today? Read this article, which is sure to help you sort through the different options available.

Among the various types of flooring materials, Shabbat tiles, marbles, granites, and polished stones are most commonly used in homes.

Tile floors are much better than traditional concrete or cement floors. Mosaic tiles are available in different patterns, varieties, and designs. They are applicable for interior and exterior floors. They can also be used for stairs and wall cladding. Ceramic, vinyl, mosaic and vitrified tiles are the different options among tile floors.

Ceramic tiles require less maintenance. With the availability of mosaic tiles in different colors, you can use contrasting color borders for a room. They are commonly used for kitchen and bathrooms as they are waterproof. However, the ceramic tile floor must be even, otherwise the tiles may crack. Also remember that imperfect sealing of grouts can lead to water absorption. This can discolor the tiles and make joints visible.

Although similar to ceramic, vitrified tiles are fired at higher temperatures to impart low water absorption. They are more scratch resistant compared to ceramic tiles. They also prevent grouts as they are butt-joined. Unlike the yellowing of marble for a long time, the color of vitrified tiles does not change for decades.

You can install the vinyl sheets (flooring) on ​​the old flooring in your home. They are very resistant to stains and scratches, which makes the original shine last a long time. They are nice, inexpensive and require less maintenance.

The other type of mosaic flooring is the mosaic style that was more popular a few years ago. Although durable, mosaic floors do not show dirt or stains due to their design.

Marble is generally considered to be the premium and royal option. Marble floors add a fresh and elegant look to your home. The price of the marbles depends on the size and color of the slab. However, they are a bit expensive compared to other forms.

Although marble flooring looks good, the problem is that it gets too cold during winters and hot during summers as it absorbs the temperature. Also, any stain on the marble floor is clearly visible. Certain varieties of extremely shiny marbles can attract more dust and develop cracks. They can also involve regular polishing – colored marbles require more polishing. Smooth marble floors can also cause slip and trip accidents.

Granite floors are very resistant and are mainly used for kitchen and bathroom slabs. However, it is not preferred due to its dull appearance. But its appearance can be enhanced in combination with marbles.

Polished Shabbat:
Today, polished Shabbat stones are rarely used. Although they are not associated with any problems, they are avoided because they do not look very good. Shabbat stone is preferred over marble in kitchens because it does not absorb stains or food debris. Marble, on the other hand, absorbs those things and can lead to illness.

Apart from these types, you can also opt for hardwood floors. You can add wood laminate to any type of flooring. It is resistant to stains and abrasion, and is also easy to install and maintain. Retains temperature in hot and cold conditions. However, it retains excess water and moisture. We cannot use a damp cloth to mop the floor.

You can also use rugs and rugs as part of the flooring. Although they enhance the beauty of your home, they can harbor dust mites, pet dander, dust, bacteria, etc., which can be very dangerous for children or asthma patients.

Choose the best flooring option from the types listed above for your home. Be sure to consider factors like durability, cost, comfort, and safety along with color and design during selection.

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