Pregnant and expecting a child? Then you should be happy and excited. Boys are a unique experience and offer challenges and rewards that are different from raising a girl. One of the first challenges you will face is choosing a name for your little one. There are millions of boy names to choose from, but keep in mind that your child will not remain a baby forever. He will grow up to be a great man and you will want to choose a name that he will be comfortable with even when he is 40 years old. The name you love and is trendy today may sound ridiculous in years to come. So, make sure you choose one that has a good meaning and that you like as well.

There are many popular boy names that are used by millions of people around the world. In the list below, you will find the names of the five children, who survived the test of time, and their respective meanings and origins:

1. Jacob – Jacob is the most popular male given name according to the United States Social Security Administration. It has a Jewish, English, German, Dutch and French origin, and means “the supplanter”. Jacob is a popular name in the Bible and is used by thousands of people around the world and in the United States.

2. Ethan – Some might think that Ethan is a weird name because they don’t hear it that often, but actually Ethan is another popular boy’s name and is used thousands of times a day for new births. It has English heritage and means “steady” in Latin.

3. Michael – Obviously one of the most popular names, especially in the US. Michael has an English, German and Dutch origin. The name is seen a lot in the Bible and ultimately comes from the Hebrew version of the name, meaning “Who is like God?” This name belonged to both angels and archangels in the Bible and in English-speaking countries it is the anglicized form of various Greek surnames.

4. Alexander – Scottish is the biggest influence for this common American name. You’ll often find this name shortened to Alex, although many men choose to use their full name on legal documents and in their signatures. This name was used a lot in ancient Greek culture and was also used in Scottish, Dutch, English and German culture. It means “Protector of Humanity”.

5. William: William is of 100% English descent and comes from the Norman version of the name in Old French derived from the Germanic elements of will and rudder, meaning desire and protection. In modern times, William means Resolute Protector and Brave Protector.

In modern America, the meanings of names don’t carry as much influence as they once did, and many people don’t even know what their names mean. In other cultures, names are given entirely for their meaning. If you are about to have a baby boy in the family, take some time, do your research, and choose a name that is appropriate and sounds good.

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