For those who have a case involving a disability, it may be necessary to hire a Social Security disability attorney. There are a variety of benefits to using legal aid in these cases, and the fees are quite reasonable. In fact, many attorneys will not charge if a case is lost. Clients and potential clients often have many questions when it comes to hiring an attorney.

When is a Social Security disability attorney necessary?

One of the most common reasons for hiring an attorney for these cases is to improve the likelihood of receiving approval for benefits. While some people may be successful without assistance, those with legal counsel almost always have a better chance of winning a disability case than those without assistance.

While these attorneys are most frequently sought after an initial denial, they can be very helpful at the application stage. In fact, your knowledge and experience during the application stage can often result in an approval in one application period. In the application, the Social Security disability attorney can help argue that a person’s condition meets the required list of disabilities or provide advice on a suspected disability onset date. During hearings or appeals, he or she can help gather relevant medical evidence, such as the doctor’s opinions, and prepare for any questions that may arise from the judge. They can also help find people to testify on behalf of the client.

When should an attorney be called?

A Social Security disability attorney can be called at any time during the process, but it is best to call one as soon as possible. For those who may be undecided as to whether or not legal counsel is necessary, it is often beneficial to call, as many will provide a free consultation. He or she may review a case to determine the strength of the case and assist with the application.

Another consideration to consider is the final attorneys’ fees. Those who are approved for benefits on the first attempt will have to pay smaller fees as there will be no back benefits to the client once benefits are finally approved.

Hiring an attorney after an initial denial can greatly increase the chances of a positive result on the second application, and the case may also move more quickly through the process. This is often the case for terminal medical conditions or extremely difficult financial circumstances. However, this tends to be rare, as many must wait several months before a case is resolved.

For those who are still undecided about hiring a Social Security disability attorney, there is one case where it may not be helpful. For those who have submitted an initial application and are waiting for news, it is not necessary to hire an attorney just yet, as there is no point in paying a commission for past due benefits unless there is a denial of coverage. However, in many other situations, having representation can be incredibly helpful.

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