Depending on what you use your WordPress website for, you may want to have music for your readers. If you are a musician, music is a natural component. For photographers and others, adding music can help your website adapt to their needs. Bloggers have started adding audios to explain things or to debate.

Is it difficult to add audio to a WordPress website?

You can easily add MP3, midi, and wav music files to your WordPress website from your computer. This will walk you through the steps required to add music to your WordPress blog.

Can I add audio to my WordPress posts?

Yes. Log in to your control panel, this is the administrative panel of your WordPress website. If you want to add music to your posts, you can quickly add them without leaving the page. Above the post you will see four icons. Click on the musical note and a window will open for adding audio properties.

What do I do with the audio properties window?

Here you have several options depending on where your music is. The tab that will open will be loaded from the computer. Click browse and find your audio file on your computer. Then upload it, add a title, and click insert. If the music or audio file is already online, click From URL. You will need the web address also called the URL of the audio and then you can give it a title. If you’ve already uploaded it to your blog, the Media Library is what you need. Click on that and insert it. When you click insert, it will add it to your blog post.

What about the media in the control panel?

In the Media section of your WordPress blog dashboard, you will find two sections, Library and Add New. Use add new to upload a file from your computer. The next time you have a post or page that needs audio, you can click Media Library from your options in the Audio Properties box.

What if I have a code for an audio?

If it is HTML code or embed code, it will be easily cut and pasted for you to install. Write your post and to the left of your WordPress text editor you will see two tabs. You tell visually that is where you are. After noting where you want the audio file to appear, click on the one that says HTML. You will see codes in addition to the text you wrote. Scroll down to where you want the audio file. Press Control V to paste the code into the WordPress post. Now click back to visual. You should see the player they created for your audio.

Now you can have multiple ways to add audio to your WordPress website.

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