Getting Australian small businesses online in Australia is not as simple as registering your domain name and publishing a website. There are many Australian specific rules that must also be followed and if you do not meet these requirements you cannot register for a web address.

The Australian must first have a registered business or be registered as a sole trader with a ABN (Australian Business Number) before they can register for the domain space. The domain name chosen must be relevant to the business name or, in the case of an individual merchant, it must reflect their name if they do not have a registered business name.

Registered Australian companies can use their registered trade name as a domain name. Individual merchants must first register a business name before it can be used as a domain name. Individual merchants without a registered business name must use their own name or something very similar, for example; John Smith is a plumber, so he can use johnsmithspluming gold jsplumbing as long as it is closely related and not already in use, it should be allowed.

Australia has an organization dedicated to the use of the domain name space and, in late 2000, the Australian government approved .au Domain Administration LTD as the appropriate authority to administer the domain space and so on. They will have any other information you need to know that is not in this article.

If you are a sole proprietor or just starting a business, it is inexpensive to register a business name and can be done online as long as you have a ABN or are in the process of applying for one. The website that handles trade name registrations is SO C (Australian Securities and Investments Commissions).

Once you have your ABN Then you can think about going online and registering your domain name, so you will need to decide what is the best plan of action for you.

You basically have 3 options!

1. Do it all yourself.

2. Find someone to do everything for you.

3. Work with a consultant who can help and advise you.

Option 1 is the hardest unless you already have the experience and I would not recommend it for beginners.

Option 2 is the easiest option, but it will also cost you more and you may not get exactly what you want, need, or is best for you.

Option 3 would be the most practical option because it has the advantage of getting help and learning as you go. That way, you won’t be depending on others to stay online and all questions can be answered without paying a fortune.

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