Why should you take the time to market on YouTube? There are so many other advertising sources you can consider, so why would YouTube be one of the options on your list? There are actually a number of reasons why YouTube can work so well, sometimes much better than the other avenues, and this can be true no matter what kind of product or service you’re trying to sell.

Free marketing!

First and foremost, if you don’t have a huge marketing budget, YouTube is free. While you’ll need to invest a bit of your time to figure out your target audience and create the videos you want to use, being able to upload and even make the videos you want to upload will be completely free. What other source of advertising is going to be free?

Video content is really powerful

In a world that moves more and more online, content is king. And of all this content, video content is one of the best. Many times people prefer to see information about a product or service online instead of reading about it. Also, there is a chance that your video will go viral. If you make a video that is particularly good, emotional, funny, or something else, your video could have the potential to go viral in no time. What it means to go viral is that there could be thousands of people who will share your video with other people they know. If you do it really well, this could mean that your business is exposed to an infinite amount of people.

YouTube also attracts a global and local audience (perfect for local search success). Depending on the types of keywords you use, your video could be seen by people all over the world. You could even end up with customers from other countries if you If you’re worried that your reach is going too far because you’re just a local business, it’s possible to change this to only be found by people in your region.

Show your expertise on YouTube

YouTube is great for demonstrating your expertise. You can spend your videos giving great tips, which help show your viewers that you are the expert in your particular field. For many customers or prospects, they will have a choice between two businesses, and you want to make sure they choose you. Having videos on YouTube that show why you’re a good fit will help your business stand out.

Do it once and let it sell for you

Just because you spend a little time on a video and then post it doesn’t mean the job your video is doing is complete. Making a video is like one of the best salespeople in the world. You only have to make the video once and then upload it to YouTube. The video can then work and be available at any time of the day or night that someone wants to watch it. And for every new video you create, you’re creating a new marketer. There really is no limit to what you can do with this.

YouTube provides the customer with a face

Sometimes what you need is to give the customer a face, a person they can trust, to form that connection to make the sale. And since it’s impossible for you to go out and meet all of your customers, creating a video that can do this job for you can really help. If you’re camera shy, you can make a video that’s in PowerPoint and then add a headshot to it so people can still see what you look like.

search engine friendliness

Videos on YouTube are very SEO friendly as YouTube is owned by Google. This is really important. When someone searches online, a video is likely to stay high on organic searches. If this ends up being your video, that’s a big deal because for one reason or another, and your hard work, your video stands out above all the other links. And of course, more people will watch your video if it ranks high in search results, no matter how much you focus on your on-site SEO tactics.

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