So you and your fiancée, or fiancé for that matter, are on it. They both finally decided on their marriage date and are excited for that day to come. It goes without saying that just thinking about that big day brings them untold joy, and for good reason. Of course, such an occasion brings happiness to the parties involved. And the best thing about your marriage is that it will go with a package that only a few newlyweds around the world enjoy, a Maldives honeymoon! A honeymoon in paradise would surely make your wedding one of the most, if not the only, unforgettable moments in your entire life.

Your honeymoon, of course, would be as much an exploration of the place as you and your wife / husband spending time alone to share and savor moments that are special to both of you. And the good thing about this is that they will spend their honeymoon in a place so exotic and magnificently beautiful and therefore appropriate to celebrate that endearing love that they have for each other. In Maldives, breathtaking natural beauty is not only what to look for, but also an endless list of possible activities to brighten your day. Here are some suggested activities to make that honeymoon even more special and memorable:

Experience swimming with a whale shark
The experience of swimming with a whale shark is one of the best memories couples can have from their honeymoon in the Maldives. Of course, the best thing you can do is capture this experience in a photo, so that you look at it and remember it several years later. Perhaps you can show the photo to your children, or grandchildren for that matter, to show how much you celebrate love for each other, if not to point out how romantic or unique you both are in expressing that love. However, before you get that photo of the whale shark experience taken, take a good look at other photos with the same theme to see how good your own photo would look. Take note of the different angles and positions and plan in advance how you, as a couple, will coordinate and execute your pose and movements for this particular photography experience.

Dive on a liveaboard or snorkel along the house reef
Guesthouses that focus on diving are available in the Maldives. On the other hand, liveaboards are also common for visiting divers, from the cheapest to the most luxurious. Liveaboards offer guests not only the diving experience, but also the pampering that makes Maldives resorts famous around the world.

The waters of the Maldives are famous for their reefs, so diving in this part of the planet is a fairly simple activity. To make snorkeling more fun and adventurous for you and your loved one, perhaps both of you can arrange to do it further away from the resort house reef, where many divers are added. Remember that the essence of your honeymoon in the Maldives is to enjoy as much time together as possible alone.

Go together after a stingray
The manta ray is a stereotype of the Maldives, as is the whale shark. But of course, it is a stereotype that is definitely worth experiencing. Anyway, who wouldn’t love to be around a blanket? Despite its relatively large size, it is known for being laid-back and as such is a suitable experience for couples on a Maldives honeymoon. As it is, you are on your honeymoon and you, as a couple, need a peaceful environment to fully enjoy your great moments together. And with a blanket around it, what better memories can there be?

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