Your environment and your inventiveness

Do you know what makes you more creative sometimes compared to other days? The answer is not easy to find out. One day you may find that you are more creative when working in a cooler workplace and the next day dim lighting seems to work better. However, here has been some research in your area that may give you some guidelines and some surprising observations. In fact, your environment was shown to have a huge impact on your levels of inventiveness.

Effect of noise levels on creativity and inventiveness

Working quietly is not necessarily better for creative thinking. You don’t want your work area to be too quiet or extremely noisy because creativity will suffer. Instead, you need ambient noise levels to help you be more creative and productive. A moderate level of noise can even improve performance for creative tasks. A study published online by the Journal of Consumer Research showed that 70 decibels may be an optimal noise level. In their noise studies, people were also more likely to buy creative products.

Creativity and Enlightenment

Studies have also shown that when lighting is dim, creativity is enhanced. One school of thought believes that stressful feelings can be reduced in a lower light as you free yourself with your thinking. Additional research has shown that people feel free when the lights are dim. Try it yourself, sit in a dark room for five minutes. See if your thoughts and feelings change.


The ideal colors to enhance your creativity are blue and green. There is no need to go to the ocean or daydream looking at the sky, as even a picture of blue sky and green meadows can stimulate creative thinking. A red environment will also help with projects that require a lot of detail. Red is an uplifting color that can actually raise some people’s blood pressure and increase adrenaline.

Surprising thoughts on creativity and a messy room.

Some people sparkle in creativity working in a cluttered workspace. There are many people who are convinced that a well-organized workspace is better for thinking, but are really surprised by the effect of a cluttered area. However, the clutter in the room draws your attention to new details that you may not have noticed before. In turn, this stimulates your creative juices. Another idea that comes out of disorganization is having lots of photos and collectibles that could stimulate ideas of memories and even the disorganization of these memories can cause confusion which can lead to creative thinking. Customizing your work-at-home space may be exactly what you need, but an employer may frown on any disorganization.

The effect of traveling on creative thinking

It may not surprise you to discover that traveling to new places in the world has a surprising effect on brain enhancements. In new nation-states or even parts of your own country, different experiences of food, music, culture, and even geography have a huge impact on creativity. Those who study the brain can attest that neural pathways are stimulated by change. The new tradition is for you, the patterns of speech, the unusual ideas for you will also make you think creatively. More interactions with new cultures and people also add to the inventiveness. Even immersing oneself in other cultural experiences or activities can spark new ideas and ingenuity.

If you feel like you lack brainstorming skills, why not try one of the items above to boost your ideas? You never know what sparks of ideas and ambitions you are suddenly inspired by.

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