Choosing a countertop for your kitchen seems like child’s play, but it’s actually a tough nut to crack. Whenever we decide to give our beloved kitchen a makeover, the first thing we do is visit a local furniture store to see if they have anything to reassure us or not. In some cases, we are not satisfied with the quality or design of the countertops and materials. After that, we visit various sites to see which countertop suits our personality and taste.

Because mistakes are bound to happen, it doesn’t mean they happen again and again! People often rush or do not consider when buying countertops and worktops for their kitchen. Soon the material wears out and stops giving what you expected it to give for years. There is a whole list of mistakes to avoid when buying a kitchen countertop:

  • Crossing the budget line

Well, whenever we plan something to buy, it starts with deciding the budget. Figure out how much you’re willing to spend on countertops, and then make sure you select one that fits your budget. But, if you haven’t decided on the budget yet, then consult an interior designer, professional kitchen designer or countertop expert for suggestions that fit your budget.

Basically, there are three price levels involved in countertops such as High, Medium, and Low. If you want to go for materials like granite and quartz, you will go through the roof, but if you go for laminate, the price will be low.

  • Select wrong material

It’s pretty obvious, but it happens more than you might think! While you’re standing at the cash counter after choosing a material or waiting to hit the buy online button, you need to be sure of it. Altering your decisions about reviews from magazines, design programs, and videos and not listening to your inner voice can be a big mistake, as it can make the process even more daunting. Always keep a balance between function and fashion.

  • choose the wrong color

It is recommended to choose the color of the countertop very carefully. Don’t go after colors that are too busy playing racket with the floor color. Often times, it can result in a busy looking space. Many of us have been through some design disasters: mixing two colors that don’t match at all and fighting to be seen. Avoid using countertops of two colors as it can sometimes leave an opposite impact. It might look like you fell for a cheap deal on a mismatched countertop piece.

  • Stone countertops are unbeatable

It’s hard to break the ice, but stone countertops are “THE” best on the market and have been for years. Of the entire list, marble kitchen countertops are the ones that last for years and provide you with great stability and sturdiness throughout their journey. They come in various price tags so that they can fit into your budgets.

Never make hasty decisions, when in doubt, feel free to ask questions to consultants and experts. With the mistakes mentioned above, you can learn a lot and understand how important it is to look before buying countertops for your kitchen.

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