Religion deceives and divides humanity

He badly represents God and is not kind.

Promising power

Religion is in control

Claiming to have the truth

Religion deceives and acts rudely

Projecting superiority

Alienates people in inferiority

Comparing and competing

With different doctrines

Separate from other sects

By segregation, religion neglects

Humanity for which Christ died

Ironically, religion is the great divide

That widens the gap

Point your finger and attack

Ridiculous, scold and degrade

Sincere souls seeking spirituality

Religion is not what it seems

It is merely an illusion

Mankind’s quest to satisfy

A deep inner search and a cry

To reconnect with the Creator

To open the glorious door of faith

Historically however

Religion has rotted to the core

Let’s not hug it anymore

The sophisticated establishment

Is actually a trap

Producing systematic slavery

Darkening the light of God

Widening the narrow path

Discriminate and diminish people

As he erects a building and a steeple

Pursue power at the expense of peace

From such evil God will free us

Continual conflict, endless war

God in heaven wants to be our friend.

Let’s expose the shortcomings of dead religion

Overthrow the vile defects of mere opinion

Kingdom concept must be reintroduced

In the wayward western civilization

It is not about imperialism, nor about education

This is Christ inside, a new creation

A changed heart, a divine work of art

This is not a political ideology

So you seem smart

On the contrary, God in heaven

Kindly gives mankind a fresh start

Beyond blood, death and diplomacy

There is the kingdom of heaven in me

Only God can open your eyes to see

Justice, peace and joy in me

The kingdom within brings victory

Born by the Holy Spirit of the Lord

Established and sustained by His Word

Conquering conflict, hatred and fear

Blessing everyone who humbly listens

Eliminate uncertainty and corruption

Genocide, poverty and hunger

The concept of the kingdom of Christ

A spiritual revolution is born

Empower people with dominance

Eliminating the sorry opinion of religion.

We should no longer slaughter millions

And affirm that we are motivated by religion

God in heaven is a giver of life, not a murderer!

The Son of God died for us

Therefore, we do not need to die for Him.

Receive the King and enter the kingdom

Christ the King will make your heart sing

It is not necessary to bring an offering

Give him your heart, submit to his lordship

His great power you will equip

Your sin and slavery, he will undress

Accept their purpose wholeheartedly

Transcends formality and religiosity

Religion will never again oppress humanity

Cause soon everyone will taste and see

The spirit of grace that peacefully reconciles.

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