Do you want a digital photo frame that can view one or more images through a rotation cycle? If you are planning to buy a digital picture frame, you should consider buying a Sony-DPF-D80-8-Inch-LCD-Digital Picture Frame. The features of the Sony DPF digital photo frame make everyone wish they had one hanging in their home. When it comes to displaying your pictures on the photo frame, it’s a piece of cake. The USB port plugs directly into your computer, allowing for fast transfer and touch screen capabilities. Do you want to know more?

If you want to see a calendar, the option is there for you to use. The screen is eight inches wide and you see one image at a time. The easy setup has many features that allow you to set the speed of the cycle and which images go first.

When it comes to transferring files to this device, you can use almost any memory card. The remote control allows you to change images at a distance and recall those famous memories. View mode on the remote allows you to use the digital photo menu with still image, slide show, index and clock option.

This is a must have multitasking device in your home. The memory for the photo frame is compatible with the micro SD and many more cards that are available today. Simply, all you have to do is place the card in the slot and it will transfer the images to the digital whiteboard’s memory.

The automatic slideshow can have different placements and speed changes to customize certain images for faster scrolling. The LCD screen provides full quality images and makes the images look perfect. The 1.5 megapixel LCD screen is high definition and provides a clear image for your favorite memories.

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