With the popularity of video and how it has been used to market many different types of products, including mobile phones and digital cameras, it’s safe to say that video marketing is an important part of any business plan.

The use of video on the Internet has grown tremendously in recent years, and with the use of sites like YouTube, video has become an essential aspect of the marketing process for businesses. But how do you start incorporating video into your business marketing plan?

Before you turn to YouTube for help, check out the following tips:

1.) Start by deciding what you want to achieve with your video. The easiest way to determine this is to do a research search on YouTube. Find out what are the most popular videos in your niche. The best videos tend to fall into one of two categories: educational or entertaining.

2.) Choose the type of video you want to make. There are many different types, and you can choose the type that is closest to your business or product. These can include how-to videos, reviews, testimonials, or what-to-say videos.

3.) Decide where you would like to set your video. Would you like to use your own external microphone? Do you want to outsource this task or will you do it yourself? There are also many different resolutions and frameworks to consider.

4.) Choose your theme. There are many different possibilities here, from health issues to celebrity gossip to current events. You definitely want to be careful when writing your topic, as videos that are too current can lose their interest factor over time.

5.) Once you’ve chosen your theme, have you decided on your Writer theme? Are you going to write a description of what your video is about, or are you going to want to create a custom summary? If you’re going to create a custom brief, you need to make sure it’s compelling and contains all the information your viewers need and want to hear. And of course it must be written by you. There are also many different resolutions and frameworks to consider.

6.) Now that you’ve chosen your topic, have you decided on your format? Are you going to use the standard YouTube format or do you want to create your own? If you plan to create your own, take a look at the different types of videos on YouTube. You may find that you can achieve what you want more easily with one type of format than another. For example, short promo videos tend to use format videos shorter than 30 seconds, while long how-to videos or tutorials use format videos longer than 60 seconds.

7.) Once you have decided on the video format, have you decided on its title? Have you decided on your description? Will you be using the standard YouTube format for your title or want to create your own? If you want to create your own description, you need to make sure it’s compelling and contains all the information your viewer will need and want to hear.

8.) Once you’ve decided on your format, title, and description, have you decided on your message? What is your video message about? What is the point of your video? Have you decided on the length? Are you planning to include Music? Have you chosen a mood?

With all these decisions made, you’ll want to go to the Create Video section of your YouTube account and now you can start the editing process. Have you chosen Music? You will want to make sure that each selection of music you use is appropriate. Do you want to use background sounds? Have you chosen a mood? Have you chosen a Feel? How about an expression? How about a Clarity? Have you chosen a spacing? Have you added any transitions yet? Have you decided on the Focus? Have you added any effects yet? Have you inserted any narration yet? Have you chosen an audio format? Do you want to add narration? Have you chosen the duration of your video?

9.) When you are done with the video, have you added any annotations? Have you added any credits? Have you added any notes?

10.) Have you added any communication after you uploaded your video? If you have added any communication, have you chosen your language? Have you added any language settings? Have you chosen your State?

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