Have you heard of a quick and easy diet plan? Let me tell you something that can be difficult to bear: there is no such thing as a quick and easy diet plan. Are you having trouble losing all that fat on your abdomen? What if there was a way to lose that muffin top or it was really hard to burn belly fat in just 17 days without those no-nonsense diets that claim to lose weight quickly and easily?

Forget the old school, try the new school called Calorie Shift

My advice is to stay away from all those low-fat, fat-free, high-protein, etc. diets. who promise everything and give nothing. These programs usually cost a lot of money and at the same time leave you unsatisfied. Your metabolism will slow down on many of these “diets” and that will cause you to gain more weight if you eat more than you are used to. That means you will store more fat in your body instead of getting rid of it. A simple technique to shed body weight and lose weight forever is to use what is called the Calorie Shift Diet. This way of eating will cause your metabolism to peak, which will cause you to lose belly fat and those extra pounds.

Here’s how to change calories your way in those skinny jeans

Here’s the best thing about this diet: there’s no need to starve or deprive yourself. In fact, in certain cases, you will eat more than you are used to. Before we get into it, let’s look at a sample plan.
1) Establish a baseline: Let’s say, for example, you typically consume 1800 calories a day. Well, for the first month, be sure to eat 1800 calories to get your body used to this constant amount.

2) Upshift by 300 calories: For 2 days of the first week, consume an additional 300 calories than your baseline. Example: Monday and Friday 2100 calories are consumed.

3) 400 calorie reduction: for 2 days of the second week, decrease caloric intake to 1,400 calories. Example: Tuesday and Thursday reduce 400 calories

4) Upward Shift by 500 Calories: During 2 days of the third week, consume 2300 calories. Example: Monday and Thursday add 500 calories.

5) 500 calorie reduction: For 2 days of the fourth week, only consume 1,300 calories. Example: Tuesday and Friday have 1,300 calories.

6) Regular: Once you have completed 1 month of the calorie shifting diet, return to your normal 1800 calorie eating habit for at least 2 weeks before trying again.

Take calorie shifting to the next level with the Fat Loss 4Idiots game plan

The idea is that by constantly changing the amount of calories you eat, you force your metabolism to adjust. You’ll have your body constantly guessing what will keep your metabolism from slowing down. If you eat the same foods consistently, your body will require less energy to process them. So this keeps the metabolism running efficiently. This is important because it is a trick that changes your calorie intake per day by tricking your metabolism into burning more fat. This trick will ensure that your metabolism is doing its job all day so you don’t have to worry about dieting.

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