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Can You Get a Bail Bond For a Civil Rights Violation?

Bail Bond For a Civil Rights Violation

The term “bail” refers to an amount of money the court requires you to pay to get out of jail. The money is used to guarantee your appearance in court and abide by bond conditions while you await trial or a guilty plea. If you fail to appear in court, the court will hold your bail and require that you pay the full amount back.

The judge who has access to the probable cause affidavit and the person’s criminal history determines whether or not the accused person will be granted bail, and the amount of the bond. This is a complicated process, as the judge takes into account many different factors including an accused person’s economic status and systemic racial bias.

However, there is an exception. In cases where the judge determines that own recognizance release would not reasonably assure the accused person’s appearance, the court may set a money bail in an amount it considers appropriate. Unfortunately, money bail bonds is often set at levels that are too high for the arrested person and their family to pay.

Can You Get a Bail Bond For a Civil Rights Violation?

Often, the defendant will be required to pay a non-refundable fee to a for-profit bail bonds company, which will post the full amount of their bond on their behalf. Often, the bond agent will also require a signed promise from the accused person that they will return the full bail amount in the event they break their court appearances or breach any other terms of their bond. In most cases, the accused person will be unable to afford this fee and will remain in jail until their case is resolved or they plead guilty and surrender their right to a fair trial.

This issue has led to a national movement for reform. Civil rights groups are rallying support to abolish the bail industry in order to change the way that people are treated when they are accused of a crime. The goal is to allow the accused to stay at home with their families and maintain their jobs while they await trial or a guilty plea.

While there are still many issues to resolve, the movement for bail reform is growing. People are starting to understand that the bail industry is unnecessarily depriving many poor people of their liberty, and that this injustice is often based on race, ethnicity, or economic status.

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