Starting a photography business is an exciting prospect. Imagine doing something you liked as a hobby and getting paid by people to do it! Shall we find out then, how to start a photography business together? Let’s look at the next five steps and get started on the path to a successful business. We’ll look at your knowledge, photography categories, the business side of things, different styles of processing, and finally touch on marketing your business.

In any business, one needs at least a rudimentary understanding of what one is doing. For a photography business you will need much more than that. If you have been dabbling in photography as a hobby for a while, you will have learned something. Now comes the time for a serious investigation. Start searching online for articles, forums, and photo galleries. At least double the number of photo shoots you do in a week. You will need to acquire more than an average amount of knowledge and skills to succeed in the photography business.

In the photography business there are two basic categories: commissioned photography and stock photography. In the assignment category, as a professional photographer, you will usually be approached by a client to commission a photo. Whether it’s a landscape, portrait, pet photo, or an album full of wedding photos, you’ll typically get paid upon completion of the project.

The stock side of the business is much more speculative. You’ll need a large file, or directory, of images for your customers to choose from. All the different genres of photographic art should be represented in its considerable stock of high-quality photographs. You can create this big archive of some of your commissioned work, using the best of your shots while learning your art and getting out and shooting during any downtime between assignments.

Now, we must delve into the commercial purpose of this adventure. To begin with, a business scheme must be drawn up. This will include monetary needs, potential investors, where the business will be run from, a logo for your business, and any copyright notices. You may also want to set some short-term goals to measure the success of the business. It will then be necessary to go to the county clerk (or equivalent) to see the rules and regulations, and also any zoning restrictions at the chosen facility.

It will be necessary to open a bank account in the company name to keep it separate from your personal finances. You’ll also want to look into liability insurance for any subject you may be photographing. The gear you amassed during your hobby days should suffice, but if you need more, you can always rent it out until you’re successful enough to buy it.

These days, you have the option of choosing a medium to work with. For years there was only film, enlargers, photographic paper and lots of chemicals to deal with. Today there is the wonderful world of digital photography. Digital will be the most desirable medium for your business as it is low cost and easy to manipulate on your computer. Adobe Photoshop and Kodak EasyShare are two of the best programs online to adjust and finalize your photos.

When it comes to marketing, the internet is your best tool. If your business scheme allows it, hire someone to build a website for you. If not, you can do your research and learn how to build your own if you want to. Make sure it includes a gallery of your best, easily accessible photos, your products and services, and also all your contact numbers. You may also want to turn to your community and networking places like your local Chamber of Commerce, Lions or Rotary clubs (and the like), and any photography associations you can find.

Following these 5 easy steps will be of great help in starting a photography business. Work hard and take lots of wonderful images and you will find success in this field.

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