A Facebook group is a great place to place your ads for free or have interactions with other people within your niche. There are literally thousands of groups to join, so it’s just to find the ones that fit your niche.

To join a Facebook group, you need a Facebook profile. If you do not have a Facebook profile, type Facebook in the address bar of your browser, and you will then be taken to a page to sign up for a Facebook profile. And to let you know, Facebook does NOT have any affiliate programs or offer affiliate links, so you cannot offer Facebook for monetary gain.

Now, if you already have a Facebook profile, what you should do is:

Go to your Facebook profile, while on your wall click the link to the left where it says Groups, type your niche in the search bar at the top or click “manage group” under the down arrow at the top right of your Facebook profile.

Any commitments you have in Facebook groups will show up in all notifications from your friends if they are also in those groups. Okay, they haven’t turned off group notifications.

As I tried to demonstrate above, there are:

3 ways to search and post in groups:

Step 1) Go to the left of your Facebook page while you’re on your news feed (the wall where your friends post updates). Scroll down until you find “Explore” under that, it should be a link that says “Groups”.

Step 2) Type your niche keywords in the Facebook search box, for example: internet marketing, make money online, MLM, work from home, etc.

Step 3) Go to the little down arrow on the top right and click on it, then a list will appear. Scroll down until you see where it says “Manage Groups” and click on that link.

I have to tell you that Facebook has a restriction on how many groups you can join in a day. I would stick to 10 -15 groups a day just to be safe. I’m not sure what your limit is though, but it may be something like 50… I think, but like I said, I’m not sure, so to be safe, just follow my suggestion of 10-15 groups.

If you have nothing to promote on Facebook… you can do a search on Google.com with the search term/keyword: free offers for affiliates

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