Simple Personality X-Shaped Ladies Zirconia Ring For Jewelry & Waistbands

We have a wide variety of cubic zirconia engagement rings to choose from — shop under “setting features” on the left smart catalog to explore options like how many stones (solitaire, cluster, or three-stone CZ) or whether you want CZ accent stones to be set around your center stone in a gorgeous halo design.

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Product Description

Nothing makes a statement like a beautiful ring on someone’s finger. HSN offers a wide selection of cubic zirconia rings in styles you won’t find at your local jeweler. Shop by setting features to narrow your options. For example, you can select “setting type” from the left smart menu to view CZ ring designs with one stone (solitaire), three stones set together (3-stone CZ engagement rings), or accent CZ stones in a halo design around the center. You can even add an inscription to personalize your once-in-a-lifetime gift. Buffed to a brilliant luster, this high school class ring commemorates her scholastic achievements with style.

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Product Dimensions

Nothing catches the eye like a gorgeous gemstone ring. Choose a clear CZ as the center with her favorite colored precious stone or birthstone flanking it on either side. Or, go with a unique three-stone design in a lovely halo setting. This dazzling accessory is yours to bestow, and it will be a memorable gift she’ll cherish forever.

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Simple personality X-shaped two-color ladies zirconia Ring

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Product Material

If you’re looking to elevate the beauty of your cubic zirconia or diamond ring, Target offers a wide array of gorgeous white gold accessories. We also offer a selection of exquisite gemstone accents to infuse your jewelry with vibrant bursts of color and personality – from mesmerizing sapphires and rubies to alluring amethysts and opals. We even have a selection of setting features to help you customize your look. Choose from prong set (4-prong, 8-prong and 6-prong), channel-set or bezel-set settings, to help you find the perfect way to secure your clear CZ stones in your ring for a lifetime of wear.

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