Telemarketing tips to help self-employed and small business owners get more clients by cold calling for sales appointments.

Many small business owners have not had access to training on appointment scheduling.

To get more customers, they may want to cold call to set up meetings to present their sales offers, but without training they can get a lot of rejection and soon lose motivation.

One of the biggest mistakes is not knowing how to use benefits and features effectively. These telemarketing tips will show you how and where to add benefits and features to your dating cold calls and get in front of more potential clients.

Telemarketing Tips for Making Great Sales Appointment Calls

What makes a great sales appointment cold call is understanding how and when to use benefits and features in your calling script.

The reason you should use them is because benefits are what your customers get, so for the prospects you call, it tells them what they could gain by listening to you.

Benefits refer to the prospect you cold call. It’s what they earn by being your customer. They are the savings in time or money that you can offer. This will make your life or your business easier. It may be something they must have, or something they want to have, but that’s not how they get it, that’s the feature that provides the benefit.

The benefits are often feelings or emotions. Feelings of security, happiness, satisfaction, success or whatever else they feel when they become your customers and the features of your service bring them the benefits.

Bad dating telemarketing calls often include many features and few or even no benefits. Features refer to you and your products or services.

Benefits are what the features do for the customer, they are what the customer gets from using what you provide, and it gives you the opportunity to talk about the customer and what changes your sales offer will make for them. You may need to mention features as you explain how they benefit, but keep it short.

Where on your calls to use benefits and features

You want to get more clients by making appointment calls, so one of your goals is to make prospects listen to you. You want to get past the first lines of introduction and get into a conversation about them or their business.

To do so, you must use benefits at the introduction of your call, supported where necessary by features. What will, or potentially could, benefit the prospect. Perhaps you are the best, the cheapest, the most experienced, the fastest, the most loving, the most qualified in what you do. Those are all features, so you need to state what the feature you select will do for your prospect in terms of benefit to them.

The reason you’re calling

The next telemarketing tip is to use your best benefit and support role as the reason you’re calling the prospect.

What many self-employed individuals and small business owners don’t realize is that the reason for the call has to do with the prospect. You may think that your experience and credentials, qualifications, and a list of existing clients are really good reasons to call a potential client to schedule a sales appointment, but they are not.

When you tell your prospect why you’re calling, select a benefit that you think will catch their interest and explain what you could do for them.

Get agreement for a meeting

When you’ve qualified the prospect as a potential customer you want to meet, you need to get their agreement to the meeting. Here again is a great place to use a buff to influence them to take the next step.

You explain to the prospect that they could make a profit, and by meeting with you, they’ll have the opportunity to see exactly what the profit could do for them. You can use the same benefit you used before as your reason for calling. You started out saying that’s why you called, so here you say that’s why they should meet.

Small businesses should use benefits to get more customers

Those are 3 places where you can add perks to make your telemarketing calls more successful.

The more effective your calls are, the more opportunities you have to get more clients.

See what he’s currently saying on his cold calls. Are you using features that tell the prospect everything about you, your business, or what you do?

It only takes a little rethinking of your point of view to turn those features into benefits and talk more about the prospect than about you. This simple change will make a big difference in your calls. You’ll increase the number of meetings you get and you’ll get fewer rejections and fewer objections, so you’ll enjoy making more cold calls.

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