The five trees in paradise appear in the Gospel of Thomas “#19″.

It is an allegory of Jesus that explains that whoever reaches the 5 levels of Consciousness will overcome the duality of life and death.

With the five levels of Consciousness aligned, life is absolutely ideal.

Absolute choice allows each level to operate autonomously with very interesting results that may be less than ideal.

Paradise is one with an ideal life.

Jesus adds that the five trees do not change with summer or winter and their leaves do not fall.

This means that from an absolute perspective, all five levels exist at once and forever, simultaneously, connected and continuously.

The five trees are symbolic of the five levels from which life can be perceived with five unique and different perspectives:

Physical identification – the subconscious

The Physical Ego – the Conscious

The Spiritual Ego – the Superconscious

The Spiritual Entity – the Superconscious

The One – God Consciousness

As a physical Human Being, I am only aware of the perspective of my physical ego sense of Being.

The physical identification perspective is to keep the human being alive.

My Id is my subconscious mind that emotionally controls my physical body.

My physical experience is emotional, based on the beliefs and convictions of my subconsciously active programming.

The Id is responsible for my survival and how well I survive.

He has access only to local knowledge of my physical situation.

It is programmed by my physical senses and my life experience.

Just like with a computer program, the garbage that goes in equals the garbage that goes out.

My ID is my voice of reason.

It provides my reasons why to act and why not to act.

When I listen to reason, I am listening to my subconscious programmed beliefs.

Limiting beliefs and fears are a mistake in my database of experiences.

The capacity of my Id is relative to the purity of my programming.

The physical ego perspective it is that of my conscious sense of Self.

It is my perspective of who I believe my Self to be.

The ego has a finite choice of seemingly infinite possibilities of who it can be.

The way my ego sees itself is a reflection of my subconscious programming.

My physical identification and my physical ego work together to make sense of a seemingly meaningless world.

My conscious sense of Being seeks my Being to make sense.

Seek comfort and security in a seemingly crazy world.

The physical ego needs to see itself as sane.

It does so in comparison to what all other people consider to be normal behavior aligned with common beliefs.

The fear of being abnormal overrides my perspective of a non-physical existence.

The physical ego sees itself as a physical human being having a physical experience called life.

The perspective of the spiritual ego it is the perspective of my spiritual sense of Self.

It is my awareness of being a spiritual Being.

It’s me being aware.

I call my spiritual sense of Self my Soul, my Higher Self, my real Self, or my True Self.

My soul knows my vision, mission and purpose for my life.

It is always fully aware of my destiny, even when the physical ego is not aware or awake and follows my destiny.

Disconnected from my spiritual ego, I follow my destiny or my doom, my fortune or my misfortune with varying degrees of luck or chance.

The perspective of my spiritual ego is beyond the dual reality of space and time.

There is no paradox, there is no problem, there is no fear, and there is no conflict from the perspective of my spiritual ego.

He only sees the bigger picture of life.

However, it requires the alignment of my physical ego to achieve its goals, achieve its abilities, and achieve its attributes in order to expand and develop my spiritual success.

My spiritual ego has the consciousness and my physical ego has the conscious capacity.

Together they cooperate with the consciousness of all that is.

The spirit entity perspective is Sovereign.

It is a Sovereign Entity with its own role to play in the Universal Life Experience.

See the big picture of it all as one big design.

See the three aspects of my Being as One.

He is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent.

It is pure imagination.

He is the Captain of my Ship of Consciousness.

It is an Individual Creative Spark of All That Is.

He has a Super Vision for the Divine Plan.

An Individual Aspect of God that is a Sovereign Entity.

A Divine Perspective that can create anything you can imagine.

It is the combined consciousness of my ego, id and entity.

It is my Conscious-Id-Entity.

It is my Superconscious I.

the perspective of one is Unity.

Unity is the Singularity of All That Is.

It is without Individuality.

It is the Divinity of the Divine One.

It is the Ultimate Intention.

The ultimate intent is the Divine Plan to experience Divinity through the physical and spiritual experience of your Conscious and Unconscious States of Being.

The Divine seeks to experience its own Divinity through four distinct aspects of its Being.

Your subconscious physical Self – the Id.

Your conscious physical Self – the Ego.

Your superconscious spiritual Self – the Soul or spiritual ego.

Your superconscious spiritual Entity.

When the four levels of Consciousness align, they cooperate as One and become one with the singularity of Unity.

From the perspective of Unity, One is All and All is One and One is All That Is, all that was, and all that will be. Amen.

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