Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites on the web. With so many people being followed, how can link building on Twitter generate traffic? There are many different factors to consider before you can answer this question. But the possibilities are out there, waiting to be tweeted.

Twitter is the place to find the experts

First of all, Twitter is a place where you can find the experts in whatever niche your mind can think of. From weird inventions to internet marketing, Twitter has become the best source of information. This makes the research part a breeze, as you can simply look up different experts and see what they are up to. Because if they are, then you should.

Waterfall effect

The cascading effect is one of the ways to build a link from scratch and turn it into a traffic-generating machine. You can post a message on your Twitter account and if one of the industry’s proven experts catches it, they can retweet it, turning that tweet into a traffic machine! Although this is a bit weird, it is not beyond the possibilities. But if you’re not tweeting, it will never happen!

Building relationships

For the above scenario to happen, you must first develop relationships not only with the experts, but also with your followers. There are so many others who use the same tactics that you must differentiate yourself. Experts realize this and are more likely to promote someone who is trying new things than someone who follows the same old strategies. This is how relationships develop. Just remember to always take it easy, it takes time to build good working relationships.

Twitter Rank

Major search engines have started monitoring Twitter rankings to effectively rank web pages. It goes without saying that increasing your Twitter ranking is a must if you want to get ranked number one on any (or all) of these major search engines. So link building on Twitter and how often that link is retweeted is something that is now being closely monitored and has a huge impact on your SEO ranking.

Create subsequent links

Backlinks are another important factor that determines search engine rankings. Social networking sites like Twitter are a great way to build good quality backlinks. Although no one knows the exact formula that search engines use to rank websites, backlinks are believed to be one of the main factors. This means that Twitter is a great place to go because you can take care of multiple SEO concerns in one place. And if you can work your way into some of the cascading tweets, then that equates to high-quality backlinks and improves your Twitter rank. And those are two important factors to consider in link building.

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