Women need to strength train to lose fat. That is surprising. And women can train hard too. That’s surprising to a lot of people too. Here are some great workouts for women to lose weight.

Now, just because the 300 workout was created for a guys’ movie doesn’t mean we can’t tweak a workout originally created to chisel the bodies of male Greek statues into a workout that will turn your average girl into a fitness goddess.

The original 300 workout is brutal and there are two ways to modify it. First, using the same exercises and decreasing the repetitions. And second, maintaining the repetitions but reducing the intensity of the exercises.

First let’s do option A, do a workout with almost the same exercises but fewer repetitions. So this becomes a 125 rep workout. It’s hard, and it’s really only for advanced female fitness. One more exercise for beginners is below.

a) Pull-ups: 5 reps (if you can’t do real pull-ups, use the assisted pull-up machine or even pull-ups)

b) Deadlift with 25lbs – 30 reps (In original workouts, they used 135lbs. We’ll drop the weight and use the EZ curl bar instead. Alternatively, you can squat 15lbs per hand with dumbbells).

c) Push-ups: 20 reps (do a combination of regular and kneeling if necessary)

d) 12 inch box jumps – 25 reps

e) Windshield Wiper – 20 reps (Use the EZ Curl bar again or a broom)

f) 10lb Kettlebell 1-Arm Clean n Press – 20 reps total, not per arm

g) Pull-ups – 5 repetitions (same as above)

A woman with a moderate fitness level could try this 100-rep workout (remember: minimize rest between sets):

5 rows of bodyweight

15 bodyweight squats

5 push ups

50 jumping jacks

10 climbers

10 lunges

5 rows of bodyweight

Those are some challenging workouts. Work with a coach to come up with other ideas.

Only do this exercise once as a test. You can try every two months or so for comparison, but don’t train like this every day.

And as always, train safe. If you are unsure about technique, your form, or are not comfortable with the workout, skip it!

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