Decorative Garland

Decorative garland elevates a Christmas tree, mantel display or staircase banister with festive flair. From simple ribbon garland to a lush greenery display that’s complete with pine cones and berries, these holiday strands are a must-have in every home. To take your garland to the next level, use ornaments, lights and even a few tasty treats like marshmallows or candy canes to dress up traditional greenery.

A staple of Hindu and Buddhist rituals, garlands are a symbol of purity, honor and goodwill. Draped around deities in homes and temples, they represent devotees’ obeisance to the divinity and are usually made from fragrant flowers like jasmine, rose, tuberose or chrysanthemum. They are also used as a medium to express feelings of piety, love and beauty. In a modern sense, these luminous strands are often used in religious celebrations for weddings and other special occasions.

As the center of attention for any room, a mantel is the perfect place to showcase your Christmas spirit with festive vignettes. Whether you’re decorating with lights or a mix of natural elements, these decorative garland ideas are the perfect way to elevate any space with their cheerful colors and pretty shapes.

The first step is to select your greenery. You’ll need to pick out a variety of branches with similar shapes and sizes for the best results. This will make your garland look more natural, and the finished result will be much more durable than if you tried to string together just one type of foliage. The most common choice is pine, but you can add spruce, eucalyptus, or cedar for a more varied look.

How to Decorate Decorative Garland

To add a touch of color, consider adding a few berry picks or pinecones to your garland. You can either buy premade garlands that are already decorated with these items or you can craft your own. To do the latter, simply wrap a length of ribbon with two or three scallops or fans and secure it to your greenery with a couple of staples. Then, insert the berry picks or pinecones into the tips of the garland and fluff it up to hide the knot.

If you’re going for an all-natural look, try stringing a few bundles of real cranberries alongside your greenery. This is a great way to make your home feel warm and inviting for guests and also gives you the chance to talk with kids about the meaning of Christmas.

A little bit of felt goes a long way when it comes to crafting your own holiday decor. This simple garland is a great project for children to help with as it requires very few supplies and only a few steps. Plus, the results will be just as beautiful if your little ones help you finish it up once they’re done! This garland can be used to hang from a fireplace mantel or to decorate a bedroom wall. It’s also a nice way to frame your front door and greet guests with a merry holiday greeting.

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