While the British General Medical Council (GMC), the equivalent of a US State Medical Board on steroids, is criticizing Dr. Andrew Wakefield for daring to suggest that autism could be caused by the MMR vaccine, the number of children with autism in the UK continues to rise.

On July 8, 2007, researchers at the University of Cambridge Autism Research Center in London published a report estimating that one in 58 children (not just boys) in the UK suffers from “some form of autism disorder. “compared to previous estimates of one in 100..[1] The reality of that statistic should leave us speechless: almost two per cent of UK citizens will become adults with mental disabilities.

The current population of the UK is estimated to be nearly 61 million.[2] Two percent of the population, more than 1,200,000 adults, will eventually be living off drugs to control their behavior. In twenty years, more than a million people will be removed from the ranks of teachers, engineers, merchants, doctors, lawyers, police, and firefighters. Furthermore, a significant part of the population will be employed to care for adults unable to care for themselves.

Many adults with severe autism can live very long lives. Some may have asthma and other intestinal disorders, but unlike children with a true genetic disorder like Down syndrome, autistics can live well into their 70s or 80s. Who will take care of them? Feed them? Bathing? Who will clean their butts? People with autism have not lost their health; they have lost their minds. What if one in 58 children suddenly goes blind or deaf? If vaccines were the suspected cause, would doctors continue to robotically vaccinate and explain the parody by announcing the desperate need for more seeing eye dogs and cochlear implants? How much destruction of human life is necessary before the medical profession stops kneeling before a methodology that should have become a relic of history, similar to leaching and hemorrhaging?

The UK is a relatively small country. What will your society be like, with 1.2 million autistic adults in the middle? Imagine this as the opening scene of a movie, set in 2037:

… The aperture camera shot scans a typical narrow British street full of activity. As the camera zooms in, it becomes clear that something is eerily wrong. Dozens of staring adults wander aimlessly through the streets flapping, drooling, and shouting frequent, unintelligible words. Traders are concerned for their safety as these large, mostly male unemployed adults knock on doors and nearly smash windows in search of food and shelter. Overwhelmed social workers do their best to keep these strong and scared creatures in check …

This sci-fi story can become a reality show in just a few years. Perhaps Dr. Wakefield had a similar vision of the future when he tried to prevent the triple vaccine from ruining the future of his country.

Several years ago, Dr. Wakefield and I were speakers at a conference on autism in Dallas. On Saturday night, Andy delivered the keynote address at a dinner that raised funds for the sponsoring organization. I remember his words and his majestic British accent, as clearly today as the night he spoke them.

He told the story of his journey from a classically trained pediatric gastroenterologist to the world of autism. The parents implored him to examine their children who had developed autism and severe intestinal disorders shortly after receiving the MMR vaccine. Was there a connection? Colonoscopies were performed and the tissue samples from each of the children surprisingly contained the measles virus from the vaccine strain. In 1998, he was the lead author of a paper published in The Lancet that concluded: “We did not prove an association between the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine and the syndrome described … More research is needed to examine this syndrome and its possible relationship with this vaccine. “[3]

It was impossible to predict that this single observation article would lead to years of vile phlegm thrown at him at the mere suggestion of an association between a vaccine and autism. He concluded this part of his story with a reflection that, if he had foreseen the attack that was to follow, perhaps he would have treated the children without fanfare and without publishing his findings.

The personal and professional attacks began shortly after his case report was published. Undeterred, his investigation continued. He spoke of a time when he personally handed over well-designed studies to a senior Merck executive, and implored him to examine data that strongly suggested an association between the measles virus and autism. In a follow-up conversation with this senior executive, Dr. Andy asked, “Did you bother to read any of those studies I gave you?” The Merck executive responded flatly: “We don’t have to.”

Don’t we have to? Does that mean that Merck sets the rules on MMR? Does that mean that Merck can challenge the investigation? One thing was for sure: the good doctor had stuck a stick in the eye of an unsympathetic giant named Merck. The giant joined forces with his powerful colleagues in the Department of Public Health and the British National Health Service. Together, they worked every angle to ensure that no connection between the MMR vaccine and autism was accepted.

At the end of his speech, Andy addressed the conference speakers and parent activists in the room directly. He chose his words carefully and delivered them with laser focus. He asserted that those who work tirelessly to expose the truth about vaccines are the last hope for children seriously ill and injured by vaccines. “We must carry on,” he said, “no matter how difficult the road is, no matter how dire the consequences. We must fight for these children … because if we lower the flag and give up when things get a little tough” Who else will? Who will dare to take up the torch and carry it forward if we resign? There will be no one … no one. And the next generation of children … and the next … be lost forever. “The depth of his words hung in the air; there was no movement for a long time. Each knew, unequivocally, that he was telling the truth. one, the hands clasped, the applause rising to a thunderous and well-deserved standing ovation.

That night in Dallas was in November 2003. The stubborn determination of many to expose the truth about vaccines is beginning to make a difference. The world is waking up because problems are no longer anomalies. Parents are questioning the unique vaccination policies dictated by the henchmen of the pharmaceutical industry. Moms and dads stand their ground, resisting the pressure of white coats to vaccinate. They refuse to inject their precious babies with more than 100 vaccine antigens before kindergarten. They are deciding that their children can be healthy if they get enough sleep, exercise, clean hands, fresh water, and good food.

Whistleblowers and brave hearts are more often executed than honored for their bravery. By refusing to retract his scientific findings to save his license to practice medicine, Dr. Wakefield faces the tyranny of medical power. Barbara Loe-Fisher, co-founder of the National Vaccine Information Center, put it this way: “The spectacle that this British Medical Inquisition is creating for the world to see will have repercussions far beyond the martyrs it will generate. People will not it’s stupid and they won’t soon forget that doctors inside and outside the British government were so afraid of a man’s scientific discovery about vaccination that they felt they had no choice but to destroy him and anyone who supported him. “

Keep up the good work, Andy. Your courage is an inspiration for all of us to continue to warn others about the true culprit of the global autism epidemic. Thanks to her steadfast determination, parents are wiser and children healthier. For thousands of people around the world, you are our hero.

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